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Urgently keeps vehicles and people moving by delivering safe, innovative, and exceptional mobility assistance experiences.

Our digitally native software platform combines location-based services, real-time data, AI and machine-to-machine communication to power roadside assistance solutions for leading brands across automotive, insurance, telematics and other transportation-focused verticals. Urgently fulfills the demand for connected roadside assistance services, enabling our partners to deliver exceptional user experiences that drive high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With more than 50 operating partners and an estimated Service Provider Professional Network of 80,000+, Urgently delivers innovative, transparent and exceptional connected mobility assistance experiences on a global scale.

$188 MM
2022 Revenues (1)
26 %
2022 Y/Y Revenue Growth (1)
66 K+
Participating Service Provider Vehicles (2)
4.5 +
2020-2022 CSAT Score
50 +
Customer Partners (1)
1.3 MM
2022 Dispatches Serviced (1)

(1) Based on information as of December 31, 2022.
(2) Based on information as of June 30, 2023.
Please reference Urgently’s filings with the Securities Exchange Commission.

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